With proven track record and a diversified customer base in Malaysia, our market includes government agencies, corporate customers, warehousing, and event organizers.

Large Event Tent for Kraftangan Malaysia

We are highly experienced in the field of temporary event solution, which ranges from width of 5m to 70m. Large event tent is convenient for all types of events and exhibitions due to its flexible design and enormous capacity.

Exhibition tent is more desirable than traditional building nowadays as there are numerous styles option available.
A dreamy transparent party tent can turn any venue into an enchanting outdoor ballroom, and it enhances the atmosphere of your party.
Our tent structures offer multiple possibilities from celebrations and events. Customization of tent and décor are available according to your preference.
Marquee Tent gain popularity to function as a temporary shelter for outdoor events. It can be attractive and presentable even without installation of sidewalls.

Small party tent is easy to set up and dismantle. It is one of our highest demand trending tents that used for outdoor seatings and private gatherings.

Medical emergency requires our immediate action especially in this pandemic. Our team managed to install a field hospital tent successfully in 4 days to show our efficiency.
Warehouse tent is suitable for all industry sectors including logistics, production, storage etc.