Lee Wai Tent Specialist offers a variety of sizes, shapes and configuration with high quality modular construction system which range from 5 metres to 80 metres clear span, single or double storey.

Our Aluminium tents are hard pressed extruded anodized Aluminium structure which is extremely durable, corrosion resistance with proven stability and flexibility. The PVC coated opaque canvas roof top is waterproof and it can withstand adverse weather conditions. Our tent can be customized in terms of sizing and shapes based on your budget.

Should it be necessary, you can simply rent it or purchase our tent systems. Contact us today, we are happy to advise on our temporary space solutions.


Arabian Tent

Arabian tents are an ideal solution for sports venues and outdoor activities. Our unique design assures safety and high flexibility to install and remove.
The modular tent series can connect multiple modular tents together seamlessly to create a temporary or permanent multipurpose outdoor lounges and offices.
Our double decker tents are specially designed for limited space event as it contains two floors to offer larger space. We recommend double decker tent for sports competition and events because it provides wider view and better experience for visitors.
Our Marquee tent series range from span width of 5m to 70m. Lee Wai marquee tents are the perfect temporary structure for outdoor large-scale events, outdoor exhibitions, and conferences. Optional accessories are available to complete the tent including sidewalls, glass doors, flooring systems and tent lining.
Our sophisticated transparent tents are the most desired tent to impress the host and attendee to leave a lasting impression by providing an open view.
The warehouse tent is suitable for industrial applications to reduce the risk of excess economic burden and shorter construction time is required.